Technical Support

Intellectual property (IP)

         ♦ Two PCT international patents

         ♦ Four authorized invention patents

         ♦ One authorized utility patent

         ♦  Forty Applied patents

         ♦ Three trademark


Technological innovation in China, applied to World.

In Graphene-tech, our researchers keep driving product breakthroughs to meet the needs of China and global market.

R&D Center is equipped with professionals and top equipment and able to solve unique challenges, to seek new chance of breakthrough. Here, we focus on driving next-generation technical innovation and supporting for solving complex issues. The laboratory including:    

♦ Organic laboratory           ♦ Inorganic laboratory

♦ Testing laboratory 

♦ High temperature laboratory         

With perfect function and complete facilities, Laboratory of R&D focus on market to make breakthrough by professional skills.

To meet customer demand, We face on these several areas, including:

    ♦ automobile               

    ♦ appliance/wire/cable    

    ♦ building /coating      

    ♦ water treatment system

    ♦ elastomer                  

    ♦ special packing

    ♦ textile                        

    ♦  food 

    ♦  household cleaning  

    ♦ papermaking  

    ♦ composite and wind energy

    ♦ electronic equipment and printed circuit boards 


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