Product solution

Multiform product solutions

Project cooperation

Solicit global partner: for large-scale application of graphene, material is the foundation and application process is the key. Thus, a close cooperation between new material company and large-scale customer only can promote scalable used.
Graphene-tech is focusing on building a global partnership with scale customers in specific industries. Functionalized graphene is expected to improve the strength, conductivity and thermal conductivity of most materials, in a variety of ways to improve the existing and future materials technology. we invite partners to use our products in a variety of ways for benefiting financially.

Technical support

Your company can produce reinforcing materials and provide new services and solutions for clients, even create a new business model to distributors modified products based on Graphene-tech’s graphene material. Finally, you can easily select opportunities which are suitable for your own target.

Partner solicitation
Which companies will enjoy the opportunities to cooperate with Graphene-tech?
1. Providers for the key materials used in capacitances or batteries;
2. Manufacturers and consumers of the conductive materials;
3. Major manufacturers of heavy-duty coating, printing ink or polymer composite materials;
4. Functional thin film producers;
5. Major manufacturers carbon materials, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, ceramics etc.,(which include the sintering process);
6. Other major industries (see the application field of the Graphene-tech products)

Partner privilege
If cooperation reached, you will get the following rights:
1. Plenty of graphene samples provided;
2. Graphene-tech’s based data in various industry application research;
3. Graphene-tech’s R&D team and partners’ support;
4. Sharing of intellectual property rights;
5. Market resources of the graphene industry chain;
6. Predictable financial gains.

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