About us

    The Graphene-tech co.,Ltd. was founded in 2013 at Suzhou industrial park and named the industry leader at the same year. Now, it is an national high-tech enterprise and governing unit of China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry. The Graphene-tech co., Ltd. has obtained the ISO9001:2015 Quality System approval in 2016.

    The company is the pioneer in exploring the scalable enterprise applications of functionalized graphene and is one of the few domestic enterprises which has the capacity to make graphene in low-cost and large scale. After years of independent research and development, we have applied for more than 40 invention patents and gradually formed our own Intellectual property rights (IPR) protection system, especially had a global unique and technical monopoly in many areas. 

    At the same time, we focus on several application areas, including New energy, electronic information (electronic Materials), composite materials. Our registered trademark were GAPHENE-TECH®, GRAPEHEN INSIDETM. Now, a production line of graphene slurry has begun to run for 100 tons/year and the overall planning is 1000 tons/year.

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